• Mini centrifuge
  • ZHP100-10K
  • Speed 310K (in increments of 1000rpm)
  • ZHP100-10K
  • Mini centrifuge
  • Speed 310K (in increments of 1000rpm)
Mini centrifuge is a portable centrifuge typically used in laboratory, field, or hospital settings. The main function of this device is to spin samples at high speeds of centrifugal force to separate different types of cells or particles.
Product Features
• Equipped with adjustable time and speed settings, making it convenient to use in different scenarios.
• Integrated rotor can meet different usage requirements, eliminating the need for frequent rotor replacement.
• Designed with a unique rotor buckle, ensuring a more secure and convenient rotor replacement.
• The transparent cover can be flipped 95 degrees for easy sample collection.
• Quick key settings allow for faster and more convenient use by users. Operating time options include 3s, 10s, and 30s.
• Opening the cover stops operation, while closing the cover starts it.

Technical Specifications        
Model: ZHP100-4K ZHP100-6K ZHP100-7K ZHP100-10K
Speed: 4K 6K 7K 3~10K (in 1000rpm increments)
Relative centrifugal force: Approximately 800g Approximately 2500g Approximately 3000g Approximately 500~5300g
Timing range: Continuous Continuous Continuous 1~9999s
Working Noise: ≤55 dB ≤55 dB ≤55 dB ≤55 dB
Input Power: (Optional) AC 220V, 50 Hz/AC110V, 50 Hz (Optional) AC 220V, 50 Hz/AC110V, 50 Hz (Optional) AC 220V, 50 Hz/AC110V, 50 Hz (Optional) AC 220V, 50 Hz/AC110V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption: ≤45 W ≤45 W ≤45 W ≤45 W
Size(WxDxH): 100mm*160mm*58 mm 100mm*160mm*58 mm 100mm*160mm*58 mm 100mm*160mm*58 mm
Net Weight: 1.6 KG 1.6 KG 1.6 KG 1.6 KG

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ZHP100-10K Unit
Host Machine Unit
Power cord piece
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